FAQ’s: Blaser Owners Club

  • Do I have to own a Blaser to join the Club?
  • Are members outside of the USA welcome?
    Not at this time
  • What are the benefits of joining the Club?
    Please follow this link to the About page
  • Is the Club owned and operated by Blaser USA?
  • Can you tell me the value of my Blaser firearm?
  • I’m not a member but I’d like to buy items from the Gear Shop, can I?
  • Blaser USA received my firearm and I was notified by email but I have not heard back since?
    Your firearm or item is waiting in line to be serviced. Until there is a change to the status no update will be posted on BOC. The system will only automatically email you when the firearm was received by Blaser USA and when the service was completed. Individual updates (if any) are accessible when you log-on BOC. Please wait until we contact you.
  • Can I access the complete Service history for my Blaser on BOC?
    Services that were or will be performed by our Service centers are not recorded on the Portal.

FAQ’s: About My Membership

  • How do I get my username and password to start accessing the Club?
    During the online registration process you will create your own username and password which will give you full access to the Club
  • From the time I join, when should I expect communications from the Club?
    Immediately after your membership registration is processed, you will receive a brief email
  • When will I start to receive Passion magazine?
    The most recent issue of Passion magazine will be included in your welcome email
  • Does my Club membership expire?

FAQ’s: Service

  • How do I start my Blaser Service request?
    From the homepage, go to the ‘Gun Service & History’ section then click the ‘Create New Service Request’ button. Once the request is saved, our Gunsmiths at Blaser USA will be able to view it. Remember to make a hard copy and include it inside the gun case.
  • How do I get my Shotgun serviced at one of the competition events where Blaser service is present?
    Start your service request online on BOC and present a hard copy of the service report with your shotgun. You will be in line for service as received, on a first come – first served basis. We reserve the right to prioritize shooters that require immediate repairs to be able to compete over Periodical services and other repairs.
  • Who is authorized to service my Blaser firearm?
    Blaser USA is the only fully authorized Factory and Warranty service center in the USA for the complete product line. Service centers for the F3 and F16 Shotguns are however also available at the following independent and contracted companies:
McKight Gunsmithing
Karl McKnight
Phone: (801) 831-0310
Email: lrak23@msn.com
Address: West Jordan, UT & Tucson Trap & Skeet Club, AZ
Website: www.mcknightsgunsmithing.net
Pat's Gun Repair
Pat Gotberg
Phone: (507) 553-5730
Email: email@patsgunrepair.com
Address: 495 9th Street, SW Wells, MN 56097
Website: www.patsgunrepair.com

Pylinski Arms Gunsmithing
Laurence Pylinski
Phone: (804) 357-2393
Email: pylinskifarms@aol.com

PMS Firearms
Mike Sherman
Phone: (804) 798-5150
Website: www.pmsfirearms.com
Email: mike@pmsfirearms.com

WSC Inc.
Phillip Foy
Phone: 954-258-5117
Address: 17391 121st Terrace North, Jupiter, FL 33478
Email: wsc_online@outlook.com

Cole Fine Guns and Gunsmithing
Phone: 239-352-0345
Address: 5740 Shirley St, Naples, FL 34109

  • I’m having trouble logging in all my info in the BOC or Service report, what should I do?
    Enter as much of your information as possible and remember to save it. We can fill in the missing info or even create a complete profile for you once we receive your firearm. Be sure to include all the missing info when your send us your gun including your contact information.. A short description of the technical issue needs to be included as well.
  • An Error message is displayed when I try and save my information.
    Some required information was likely not filled in. If the problem persists try logging out and back in the Blaser Owners Club website.
  • How do I pack and prepare my gun for shipping?
    Use the original Blaser hard case and sufficiently pad your firearm inside the case to guard it from shifting and damage. Ship the case inside a cardboard box to protect it from outside damage. Make sure the gun is completely unloaded; there should be NO ammunition or liquids inside the case.
  • What is the Turnaround time for servicing my Firearm?
    Our estimated turnaround for regular service is 10 business days from the day we receive it to the day we ship it back. The turnaround time does vary somewhat throughout the year depending on service volume. Refinishing, Bluing and custom Gunsmithing turnaround times can only be estimated upon receiving the firearm. Your firearm will be worked on a first come - first served basis.
  • How can I ensure the fastest turnaround possible?
    Create your own BOC profile, then fill-in and save your Service request. Once the service request is saved, print it and include it with your Blaser Firearm. Doing this will allow fast and streamlined processing at Blaser USA since the Gunsmiths will have all the information handy and already logged in. Our Service software will notify you automatically once your gun is received and also when the service is completed. Tracking information is sent separately via the UPS system. Log-in to your account for other individual updates. If no updates were posted your gun is in line waiting to be serviced. Our Gunsmiths will give you a call upon completion of service right before the gun is shipped out.
  • Do I need to call before I can send you my firearm?
    No, creating a service request online is sufficient.
  • Do I need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before I can send in my Firearm for Service?
    No, a Service request is sufficient.
  • How do I keep track of my Firearm and service process?
    Please refer to your carrier’s tracking information for delivery estimate. Once the firearm is received by Blaser USA and when it’s ready to be shipped back to you, an automated notification will be emailed to you. The tracking information will be provided to you VIA the UPS system separately by 5pm CST of that day. For individual updates visit your BOC, if the status has not changed your Firearm is waiting in line to be serviced.
  • Can you provide me with technical and repair instructions?
    Visit our YouTube channel for quick tips and maintenance suggestions. For any warranty or service related questions please contact us directly.

FAQ’s: Shotguns

  • What is a 30K Service?
    It’s a periodical service, meaning it’s recommended every 30.000 shots if the shotgun has been properly maintained. The 30K service is available for our F3 and F16 Shotguns.
  • Can my F3 Receiver be converted to Left hand open?
    Yes, the F3 receiver may be ordered that way or it can be converted at any time after purchase by exchanging the top lever assembly.
  • Can my F16 receiver be converted to LH open?
    No, that option is not available.
  • Some of the balancing weights on my shotgun were not installed. How many weights do I need to install?
    The Shotgun balancing weights offer the option of adjusting the balance and the overall weight of the gun to offer the greatest flexibility possible. Blaser shotguns are factory balanced, thus some weights will not be mounted and are only enclosed in the case. The balancing weights offer the shooter an option to finely tune it to their individual needs.
  • How are the Balancing weights installed?
    Refer to your owner’s manual or visit our Blaser USA YouTube channel for instructional videos. The barrel weight screws need to be secured with Blue 243 Loctite to prevent them from loosening.
  • My older version F3 barrel does not have a weight bracket between the barrels, can it be retrofitted?
    No, unfortunately that is not possible.
  • My Game version F3 or F16 did not come with balancing weights.
    The Game version shotguns do not come with balancing systems.
  • How does the adjustable rib affect the POI?
    Refer to your user manual, the range of adjustments varies depending on the model.
  • How do the barrel hangers on the SuperSport, SuperSkeet and SuperTrap O&U affect the POI?
    The barrel hangers come in different sizes, Nr. 3 is standard and converges both barrels to the same POI at 30yds. The hanger size is engraved on the Right side, between the barrels. Changing the hanger only affects the bottom barrel, top barrel is stationary. A difference is size (example Nr3 compared to Nr2 hanger) would move the POI vertically, approximately 3 - 4” at 30yds.
  • Does the SuperTrap U-single (USGL) barrel have a different hanger or Spacer available like the O&U Barrels?
    No, but we do offer a different size rib bracket to adjust the POI to your needs.
  • Can barrel spacers (wedge) on the SuperSport, SuperSkeet or SuperTrap be exchanged?
    No we do not offer different size spacers.
  • Are Blaser shotgun barrels Shot / Patterned at the Factory?
    Yes, all barrels are Proofed and Patterned in Germany.
  • Will you service aftermarket products such as recoil reducers, Release triggers, stock systems etc…?
    No we do not offer that service.

FAQ’s: Rifles

  • Can my R8 Barrel channel be opened up to accept larger (Semi-weight, Match/Safari) contour barrels?
    Yes that is an option.
  • Can open sights be installed on my R8, K95, R93?
    Yes that option is available. The exception are fluted R8 barrels that do not have the rear sight island (area with no fluting).
  • Can an IC lever be installed on my rifle?
    Yes that is possible but only on R93 and R8 rifles.
  • Can you shorten, crown, thread my barrel for a Blaser Duo brake?
    Yes, please call for current pricing.
  • What is the thread size on your R93 and R8 barrels?
    All Factory muzzle threads are Metric and differ on the contour of the barrel. Standard M15x1, Semi-weight 17x1 and the Match barrels are threaded M18x1.
  • Can a Bi-pod stud be installed on my forearm?
    Yes, but we only recommend that on synthetic stocks.
  • Can you lengthen or shorten the stock length?
    Yes that is possible, please call for options.
  • Can the components between R93 and R8 be interchanged?
    No all components are different and not compatible. Only the Scope mount and Kick-stop will fit.
  • What is the function and purpose of the Desmodromic trigger on the R8?
    The R8 features an innovative Trigger designed by Blaser that does not rely on spring tension alone to be reset. It‘s reset mechanically, upon cycling the bolt, thus offering the ultimate increased reliability, resistant from outside factors such as dust, low temperatures etc…


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